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Proffessional Installation Electrician - Stephan Trotter

15+ Years of Experience

in Electrical Contracting and COC's

Having served my apprenticeship, I took the decision in 2003 to resign from Eskom to start my own business. I wrote the examination for my ‘wiremans license’ as an Installation Electrician in 2004 and passed. Then I commenced my next ‘apprenticeship’ which was to run and operate a successful business.

Over the past 12 years, the business has grown, as a result of providing an impeccable service to clients. The growth of the business has been carefully managed to ensure that it does not lose sight of those values. One of those values is to provide accurate information about the electrical contracting industry to the public at large.


Electrical Contractor

Only a person registered with the department of labor may do electrical and electrical contracting work.

Professional Wireman

Once you have obtained your wiremans license you will be accredited as an installation electrician by the Department of Labour.

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