Registered Professional

Certificate of Compliance

“registered person” means a person registered in terms of

(a) regulation 11; or

(b) regulation 9 of the Electrical Installation Regulations, 1992, as an electrical tester for single phase, an installation electrician or a master installation electrician, as the case may be

A registered person will keep himself up to date with changes in the installation regulations and safety standards pertaining electrical installations.

9. (1) No person other than a registered person may issue a certificate of compliance.

(2) A registered person may issue a certificate of compliance accompanied by the required test report only after having satisfied himself or herself by means of an inspection and test and that the existing part of the electrical installation complies with the general safety principles of such standard and is reasonably safe.

Stephan Trotter- Installation Electrician – Stephan wrote the examination for his ‘wireman’s license’ as an Installation Electrician in 2004 and passed.

Then he commenced his next ‘apprenticeship’ which was to  run and operate a successful business.

registered professional, certificate of compliance

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