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Electrical Certification Specialist

The electrical supply in your home is  extremely dangerous.

Using it safely depends on the safety standards that are incorporated into law, that are designed to protect you.

Even faulty electrical installations appear to be working properly, until something goes wrong.

When ‘switches’ in the distribution board start ‘tripping’, they are screaming a warning that something is wrong.

An unscrupulous electrician may disconnect the device, rather than finding the actual fault and repairing it. This is not the correct way of solving the problem.

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Appliances :

Stove, hot water geyser, underfloor heating, light fittings, etc.

DO NOT fall under the ‘Certificate of Compliance’.


By choosing an Installation Electrician, you are choosing a contractor whose experience, policies and procedures are recognised and monitored and who provides quality workmanship, guaranteed. Installation Electricians are reliable contractors who provide excellent service and information, potentially saving you time and money. Here at STEC we DO NOT believe in comebacks, we do the job correctly.

Galvanically coupled surge voltages:

Lightning can strike the air conductors directly and surge voltages, even from kilometres away, can enter into your electrical network. This surge voltage is then passed to ground through your appliances and electronic devices which can damage or completely destroy your equipment. Once the appliance or device is earthed and passes through to the ground your device or appliance may be damaged.

Earth potential differences

When lightning strikes a structure, (a building, tree or pole etc.) a high voltage potential exists for the duration of the strike at the point of contact of the structure to the ground. Due to resistivity of the earth, decreasing voltage potentials will be experienced along the current paths moving away from this point. Should you have electronic equipment referenced to different earth systems while connected to each other via copper cables, equalisation will tend to occur via the copper cables resulting in equipment damage.

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